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On meeting the rock legend

On meeting the rock legend

It will be a heavenly lie if a person who listens to 70’s rock music says he doesn’t know Jimmy Page. Page, a heart of legendary rock band Led Zeppelin, a man who inspired young men to carry the guitar and rock the world since 70’s, a man who has been rocking the world from his solo in songs like ‘Stairway to Heaven’ and ‘Ramble On’, and a man whose name stands as the legendary guitarists ever lived in the history of rock & roll.

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Page visited Nepal around 2004 AD. On his visit, Jigmee Wangchuk Lepcha recalls of meeting him. Lepcha is a vocalist for The Midnight Riders. During a chat with MyCity, he recollects his memories meeting with the rock legend:

How did you meet him?
Before The Midnight Riders, we were playing a gig at Hyatt Regency and Jimmy Page was one of our audiences. We weren’t sure if he was Jimmy Page at first. We thought him as a random someone who looked like Jimmy Page. Afterwards, we asked him and we came to know that he actually was Jimmy Page.

What did you and Page talk about?
First of all, he liked our gig and we were glad about that. He said we were doing a great job. He further asked about our music and where we unusually play. He was in a visit to Nepal to observe temples and ancient monuments. We also clicked pictures together. He was very humble to share us his email address and asked us to keep in touch.

How did you feel meeting a rock legend?
I was nervous to talk at first but after meeting him, I felt lucky.

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