Sumit Shrestha

Published On: January 20, 2019 03:27 PM NPT By: Sumit Shrestha

Officials into corruption

Officials into corruption

Where is true and pure justice?
When a victim needs it most
Where is our professing government?
When they take relief by her first

She ought to have rest in them
But here we find it unsatisfactory
For they are truly hungry predators
Looking to feed their each factory

I saw her prayer to those officials
For the strict action to the criminal
Their unwillingness without fees
Also wasn't hidden in that hall

High salaries adds heavy weight
To their already full account monthly
Still they are far out of contentment
And endeavor to devour her undoubtedly

What can she do without support?
Beiause she is becoming poorer
Where is our professing government?
Because she needs help more than ever

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