Published On: June 7, 2018 08:39 AM NPT By: Aditya Neupane

Offering happiness through delightful surprises

Offering happiness through delightful surprises

The number of event management companies in Nepal is mushrooming at an alarming rate. However, only a handful provides unique experiences to its customers; Offering Happiness is one of such few companies. For its innovative approach of managing events, the company established by entrepreneurs Abinash Chaudhary, Darshan Parajuli, Niraj Kafle, and Santosh Pandey are currently creating buzz all over.

Be wary of the fact that the company is popular for pouncing with pleasant surprises at times you’re least expecting one. They are known for playing videos, unannounced, during intervals of movies in cinema theatres. Moreover, the company has also arranged private concerts of famed musical icons for their clients. However, despite their huge professional leap, they still haven’t forgotten their roots – of delivering personal gifts.

Explaining their services, cofounder Santosh Pandey said, “There was a time when people used to plan special program for their near and dear ones on special occasions.  People even surprised them. However, the time has changed, and due to hectic schedules, people don’t even have the time for their closest ones. So, Offering Happiness is a perfect company for people who are looking to surprise their loved ones.” 

When asked how the concept of starting a surprise planning company struck their minds, he replied, “We are all from the same college, and we used to organize different events in our college days.  Later, we decided to change our passion for creativity into business. We conducted researches, and finally, in February 2017, we changed our dream into reality.” 

The group started their business with only three staffs, and now the company has more than 17 fulltime employees. Explaining their transition, cofounder Darshan Parajuli said, “Before, we had struggled a lot. But now, we are getting good responses from the customers. We are planning to expand the business by launching a website by June. Unavailability of quality decorating materials in the country was another major obstacle to our business, but now we import all necessary materials from India and China.” 

Currently, the company is providing services through 50 different packages. They look to increase their services after launching the website. Similarly, the company also helps clients teach the right way of organizing surprise events. At present, Offering Happiness operates via social media and the payments are made through bank transaction. 

Sharing their future plans Parajuli added, “Currently we are working in Kathmandu only, but we are receiving lots of requests from other parts of the country as well. We are planning to expand our business across the country, and set a branch in Pokhara within the next three months.”

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