Samip Adhikari

Published On: February 8, 2018 09:07 AM NPT By: Samip Adhikari



It’s a midnight 

People must be holding

Their blankets tight in their bed 

With their head on the pillow


But here I am riding 

My two wheelers mountain bicycle 

As a whole day has been one hell of a ride 

All alone I am holding

To my handles of bicycle

And navigating my way toward home 

While the street lights flashes toward my eyes

And the moon is on the horizon, and she smiles

Shining like a diamond far away 

Billion miles 

And I smile back at her 

While we are not playing hide and seek 

Yet still she hides in clouds 

And I try to seek her 

And again she appears 

With her mesmerizing ethereal beauty

And peculiarity that has pulled me towards her

Which I am unable to fathom of why

We are fond of each other 

As if we were soul mate 

Back in the past life 

While the wind serve

As a catalyst in our romance 

Shaking the leaves of trees 

Moving its branches to its core

As if they are telling us they want to witness

More of me and her tenderness toward each other 

After a while I approach my home 

Being so oblivious to the fleeing

Of time that I spent with her tonight 

Forgetting that I have reached my home 

Until I smashed my bicycle on the wall and fell 

Realizing its time to depart 

We looked at each other 

Toward the end 

Smiling back and forth 

And promising we will meet again 

If we are present in the present.


Adhikari is an undergrad student currently at Perth, Australia.


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