Published On: July 4, 2019 07:12 PM NPT By: Rahat Poudel

‘Nepal needs robots to plough fields’

We are bit familiar with the robotics scene in Nepal. Not only working as waiters in restaurants and cafes, we see robots competing on a football match, race and so on. Despite all those, there are many who carry a mindset of robotics being waste of energy and time.

Regardless the advancement in science and technology, the heat debate on robotics being either boon or a curse has the important points on both. Some say the robots will the make the work easier while on the other side, some of them comment about the robots’ invasion and loss of jobs. No matter what, people are following the path of science and technology because they consider it as their passion or something “they are born to do.”

Shankar Thapa Magar was studying in grade 10 when he designed the model of his robot. However, due to unavailability of the materials, the invention didn’t become possible. That only stayed in design until recently, when he finished making it. “Robotics is cool. You cannot just quit,” he adds. Magar who is teaching at Euro School, Hatigauda has recently joined Robotics Association of Nepal (RAN).

According to Magar, Nepal doesn’t need advance robots right now. He says the evolution is a good thing but the time for it hasn’t come. Explaining more, he adds, “Looking at the present scenario, Nepal needs robot to plough fields or provide medicines to rural area through its flight.”

Magar wishes to make robots for the country one day.

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