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Published On: May 14, 2018 11:50 AM NPT By: Roshan Nepal

Nepal and democracy

Nepal and  democracy

Nepal may be described as an underdeveloped country. But in terms of ideological and political developments, it is doing well. The country has recently elected a communist prime minister through elections held in free and fair manner.

Democracy is essentially a public affair involving the exercise of political powers and control in a situation where everyone can live in peace. But with the present majority government enjoying a possible 5-year term which follows communism, I fear that democracy could be marginalized.

However, in Nepal democracy is compounded with republicanism. So most decisions are made with reference to the present laws rather than the discretion of the head of state which I hope the present communist government will follow.

The contemporary Nepali democratic regime is largely characterized by personality driven politics, patronage system, endemic corruption and lack of transparency and accountability in formal democratic institutions.

Democracy demands that there should be a high standard of honesty and honor among the politicians but the sad part is that except for few countable people, most people lack this.

 Well-intentioned fools are worse than intelligent villains in a democracy. In a democracy there should be a strong and vigorous public opinion. With the current communist prime minister’s steps toward power accumulation, our democracy is at risk. I personally fear that in the span of next five years, our fundamental rights are going to be curtailed to some extent because the house majority can bring required amendments to the constitution as per their requirements.

The communist government will have to refine its diplomatic skills to keep both its giant neighbors happy and with the present government sharing the same ideology as that of the Chinese government, the Indian government’s policy towards Nepal will change and for good or bad it will affect our democratic principles.

I think the communists will become social democratic parties in the long run because in Nepal we practice a mixed communism not a pure one.

Nepal is a student of LLB 1st semester at Nepal Law Campus, Kathmandu.

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