Dipendra Joshi

Joshi is a student of BBM 7th semester at Saraswati Multiple Campus, Thamel.

Published On: May 3, 2018 09:22 AM NPT By: Dipendra Joshi

Need for change to get quality education

Need for change to get quality education

Tribhuvan University (TU) is one of the oldest universities of the nation. It was also known as the backbone of the country's educational sector. But it won’t be wrong to say that it is only the oldest university of nation and not the backbone anymore. It is due to the old teaching style along with political involvement of students and teachers, which is degrading the quality of education. 

Though new courses have been suggested, their proper implementation is yet to be done. And it is the university’s duty to also apply new teaching technique along with the course. The books are not practical enough for developing country like ours. The things we are studying cannot be applied in real life scenario, which makes our education impractical. For most students, there is no problem reading the prescribed books, but they don't find an opportunity to implement the knowledge they acquire there. 

Recently TU has implemented semester system in the master's level, and it is planning to implement it in the bachelor's level also. It has already partially implemented it. The university has not been able to justify the cost difference as the curriculum of the semester system is similar to the old annual system. There are not enough changes in the course or the prescribed textbooks according to the changing times. Although the master's level course has been broken down into four semesters (six months per semester) the students are studying in the same old pattern.

Likewise, granting too many course affiliations to colleges, and earning money thereof, seems to have become the motive of the university. If we see the situation of constituent colleges of TU, we can clearly see that they are just hubs for political talk, where both the teachers and student are union leaders. The decreasing number of students in these colleges is one of the proofs for the same. And I believe this is happening because of the inefficiency of TU to regulate its rules in the TU-affiliated colleges. Also, we often hear of news that TU gives affiliation to new colleges that lack proper infrastructure.

To improve the quality of education in government colleges, TU has to give autonomy to these colleges. While giving autonomy to colleges, it should be clearly stated that colleges should upgrade their infrastructure and should pay their teacher from their own resources. The university should also allow colleges to hire teachers by themselves. If such measures are implemented, TU will again become one of the best universities with good education quality.

Joshi is a student of BBM 7th semester at Saraswati Multiple Campus, Thamel.

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