Published On: December 5, 2017 10:26 AM NPT By: Sangita Shrestha

‘Nature Unwrapping’ Unveils Human Behavior

‘Nature Unwrapping’ 
Unveils Human Behavior

KATHMANDU, Dec 5: A group of artists unveiled their works of art at a painting exhibit titled ‘Nature Unwrapping’ that kicked off on December 1 at Nepal Art Council, Babar Mahal. The exhibition, featuring 10 participating artists and three guest artists, is the result of a workshop organized by Devina Arts Promotion.

Artist Saroj Bajracharya, in one of his paintings, has expressed his feelings in a dreamlike form using the motif of an astronaut while his theme revolves around a sense of belonging but not belonging to any particular atmosphere at the same time.

Another artist Prabin Shrestha has used pointillism to depict how humans are suffering due to urbanization and the pollution it has created. He has painted an urban landscape and people in pointillism. His work of art also symbolizes an amalgamation of humans and machines. 

Moreover, Arptia Shakya, Niraj Chitrakar and Palpasa Manandhar have worked on the theme of women and showcased women in different expressions. Rajan Pant has used vibrant colors to depict a lively landscape as well as lifestyle of the tarai region while Sunil Babu Karki has painted the lifestyle of monks on canvas. 

Similarly, Bijay Koirala has captured an urban settlement during the night time in his canvas while Bijaya Maharjan has used lines of different subtle colors to express himself through colors.

Meanwhile, this is his first ever exhibition for UR Rimal, who completed his MFA in 2013. His paintings featured in the exhibit are a satire to the society. He has used his self portrait and different interesting repetitive patterns in the background with subtle hues in his painting using acrylic such as grey, brown and white, among others. 

In one of his paintings titled ‘Self Portrait’, UR has created a dream like figure of his own. His body and facial features are not normal. He is wearing a crown. His nose is similar to a trunk and he is feeding corn to a parrot in a cage that formed his upper body. 

For him the parrot is the symbol of innocence while the corn symbolizes property. UR has created a unique way to express every human’s desire to be a king and gather material things as much as possible in today’s world. 

All artworks at the exhibition depict the current socio-political scenario where each artist has tried to create his/her perception of the society as well as the current situation through various motifs and colors. 

The exhibition is slated to continue till December 10. 

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