Published On: July 27, 2020 07:13 PM NPT By: Sangita Shrestha

Narrating expressions through videos

Narrating expressions through videos


Human beings are meant to be living in a society, in a group. Living life without social engagement is a challenge. However, COVID-19 forced everyone to be in isolation and maintain distance from each other. Nevertheless, thanks to the modern technology that helped to stay connected with the loved ones and share our feelings.

In retrospect of the pandemic and to understand the human mind along with expressions, Gallery Mcube organized "Made in Mind Series II", the two minutes experimental video art project. An open call was made for artists, students and art enthusiasts across the globe. A total of 52 artists from 13 countries – Austria, Australia, Bangladesh, Canada, China, Germany, India, Mexico, Nepal, Pakistan, South Korea, Thailand, UK, got selected and their work is on virtual exhibition since July 20, premiered on its official YouTube channel.

The exhibition features Nepali artists Anil Subba, Bidhata KC, Jupiter Pradhan, Raja Maharjan, Rabin Kaji Shakya, Sharu Nepal, Sundar Lama, Sujan Dangol among others.

As per the title of the exhibition, all the artists have executed their psyche through powerful display of visuals. Most of the artists have featured themselves where they showcased what’s happening in their surrounding and inside their mind. The videos are divided in four volumes where the maximum duration of one volume is around 33 minutes long.

Then, the use of sound and text has given depth to the visuals. Through their experimental visual narratives these artists have talked about frustration, suffocation, pain, gender, confusion, identity, life, death among others.

Ashim Halder Sagor from Bangladesh showcased birds in cage and they are singing inside it. Then, his face is shown behind the bars of same cage as if; the isolation has made him realize how caged birds feel.

Another Bangladeshi artist in ‘The same old day’ in monochrome showcased his everyday life,  someday he gets bore while some day he plays around his cat, guitar and looks in the open sky.

Likewise, depicting life and death in symbolical way Nepali artist Bhishan Rajbhandari depicted movements around the holy Pashupati area.

The curator of the exhibition, Manish Lal Shrestha stated, “Made in mind is the invention of human dignity, human disparity, human perceptions and human nature. It is to bring all the different norms, values and expressions into one forum, to share artists’ expressive ideologies. This project is deliberated to create a dialogue among every human race to act upon and realize the fact of our presence in the world. As artists, we believe in nature. Every sense is nature in itself.”        

According to Shrestha, all the thoughts that occurred in mind whether it’s rational or irrational, narrative or non-narrative, performative or non-performative discourse through alternative practice of art.

This virtual exhibition is a way to understand human mind living in different geographical setting and an eye opener on similarities in thinking. However, some of the videos have not been able to make themselves clear on what they are expressing. Nevertheless, overall the exhibition is a visual treat to everyone.

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