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Published On: January 14, 2020 05:15 PM NPT By: Republica

‘Myth Busters’: Beauty lies in the eyes of beholder

Are you worried about your beauty? It may be because you’re simply taking considerations into common myths about beauty.

Miss Nepal Curvy 2019, Sonal Sharma is here to debunk some of the common beauty myths and three ways to enhance your beauty:

Five common myths about beauty:

1. Body size matters

Beauty cannot be defined in terms of shape and size. There are so many different pageants like plus size pageants which have proven that beauty is not just for people with good figure.

2. Fair Color complexion matters

In our society, only fair complexion is considered to be beautiful, however skin color doesn’t matter when it comes to beauty. There are so many living examples like Miss Universe 2019- Zozibini Tunzi and Miss World 2019- Toni-Ann Singh who have proven it wrong.     

3. Only rich people can look beautiful

Sharma believes that being rich does not matter much, in order to maintain one’s beauty. Natural facial and body features are the things that matters when it comes to one’s beauty.

4. Beauty is only about appearance

Outer beauty may fade with the flow of time. But their deeds will last even when they are gone. “No matter how beautiful the person is, if the person is not beautiful from within then it is not beautiful,” says Sharma. 

5. Makeup is mandatory to be beautiful

Make up enhances your beauty but it is not mandatory. “People are going to look into your soul not just your face. Even if you wear tons of makeup, your soul will be the same. So do not ruin your face with unnecessary makeup.”

Tips to enhance your beauty

1. Beauty lies in the eyes of beholder

2. Confidence is beautiful

3. Your right action defines your beauty

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