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Published On: October 6, 2018 11:30 AM NPT By: ADISH KARKI

Mysterious dream

Mysterious dream

“Excuse me, sir, be seated,” said a boarding assistant.

Narayan glared at the boarding assistant but found himself a place. Narayan, a grumpy man with half-open eyes, skinny physique had just one small bag. The bag had spits of blood dazzling down the zip. Narayan seemed strange and had horror in his eyes. He was shaking, sweating and producing grumpy noises. People who were waiting for their departure found his nature horrifyingly ridiculous. Nobody knew who he was and why was he acting terrified.

Instantly Narayan knuckled himself down from the chair he was seating and tried to hide his empty bag. The bag spilled blood all over the floor and seemed to have some kind of weight. Without making a noise, he rushed toward the restroom and locked himself. By then people had started to yell and cry. David Miller, a British tourist, who was seating behind Narayan stammered, “It was empty.”

Soon, he fell to the ground with his eyes open pointing toward the restroom. The rest of the people had started to doubt their lives. The security approached and tiptoed toward the restroom. Surprisingly the restroom was wide open and it had no sign of Narayan or his bloodied bag. 

“The room is haunted. It’s the spring ghost,” Mr. Lama trembled and fell. A sound of a man crying came from the restroom emerged. Everyone paused. 

The alarming reverberation stopped and Narayan from nowhere. He came back and positioned himself to his initial place. The bag was empty again. Seeing people faint down, Narayan broke his silence and howled.

People looked at him and suddenly he was gone. A small piece of paper flew down to his place. Anup, the only brave kid walked and swiftly picked the note and rumbled “Wake me up when it’s all over.”

“It’s time for our departure; wake up. Spring is calling,” Sneha yelled and Narayan opened his eyes. He rubbed his half fainted eyes, took the empty bag, and boarded his flight. 


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