Aisha Limbu

Published On: May 14, 2018 09:30 AM NPT By: Aisha Limbu



I tried and tried and tried, 
Wishing to get it someday,
Though my life was like graveyard every day,
But still didn’t gave up struggled with my woe, 
And start again smile in face and heart with a pain,
But why do you care, you made my struggle vain,
You made my story, a story of a lame, 
Tried hard to avoid but I was totally insane.

I cried and cried and cried,
Why it always happens to me,
Guess nothing was written in my destiny,
Suddenly everything appeared blundering,
Look everyone is saying I’m an alien,
You squeeze me, hit me, fling me in a ditch,
Endeavor was so high, can’t even think of it,
Frustrated and devastated, everything was scattered,

But wait a magical thing happened here,
Someone’s voice whispered in my ear,
I looked around nothing was there,
Then suddenly my intense desire appear, 
I couldn’t speak; my ripped soul was tear, 
I was drowned in the world of fear,
She was there standing,
Eyes filled with tear,
She was screaming for a help and I could hear,
And she was just a dream, not real,
But that dream of mine and was unclear,
She can just have hope but I could make it in real.
It’s not just mine but story of many.

my, story,

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