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Published On: April 8, 2018 10:22 AM NPT By: Araju Shrestha

My love for dance

My love for dance

Dance is more than just a sport, it is a passion for me. Dance is something, I work hard for, something I put my inner feelings and put extra effort onto. Dance is a freedom that I never want to give up. The most exciting part of dance is competition, where I perform my dance in front of hundreds of people. Before I am able to perform, I need to make sure my hair, makeup and costume look perfect. 

When the day of my dance competition arrives, I put everything I have learned about the dancing over the years and show it to the audience. No matter how nervous I am on the dance floor, I do not give up. I need to dance until the very end, until I am the best dancer I can possibly be. In order to be the best dancer I can be, I need to practice during my free time at home. The only way to get first in a dance competition is to practice all the time, make sure my dance costume looks exactly like rest of other teams and perform like I’ve never performed before.

I have to work hard and push myself in order to be the best dancer for myself and in front of others who think I cannot do anything. “You have to give your best, in order to be the best”, is a quote that the coaches say to the dancers, moment before every competition. No one should join dance just to say that they are in sport, they should love dance and give their best while in dance classes. Being diligent at your practice and attending classes regularly can make you an amazing dancer. Dance is my most favorite hobby. It is the one thing I absolutely love.

Shrestha is studying in grade XII at Prime International Secondary School, Kushibu. 

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