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Published On: January 11, 2019 11:09 AM NPT By: Nabin Saud

My feelings

My feelings

We became friends. Time passed by; we got closer to each other. Let's discuss to the main thing I am writing about: Love. I was falling in love with her. Every time she gets closer to me, I eventually feel the feelings more than before. Feelings, is that what we called love. But love is not a temporary feeling or emotions. Emotions & feelings change, sometimes daily.

It was midnight. We were talking on phone. Something happened that changed the moment. Suddenly, I broke my silence and said, "I love you". Silence everywhere. She reacted with anger and disappointment. My world shut down. I was dejected! Few minutes later, she said weeping, “Fool, why you were so late to express your feelings? Were you scared of me?" She went questioning on and on. “Yes, I was really afraid of expressing my feelings. I thought, if I did so, she would not even turn back at me. It is such a thing that should be expressed on time.

Both of us were occupied 'love'. Today, she is away from me. It's fine. When she is away, my love for her is even more. The time I spent with was really beautiful. Whatever our souls might be made of, her’s and mine are the same.

I love her like the square root of minus 1: an impossibility that even has its uses. Today she isn't with me so I didn't remember anything else.  I have something to say to her. We studied at different colleges. There were days when went her college together. It's what happens if you feel for someone. Maybe, there would be someone better looking but what matters now is that I love her. One should love you the way you are and if you want a change, that’s compromise. My dear friends, there is no compromise in love. I will be with her forever. Not just because I love her. I will be there because she loves me a lot. All I want is her happiness. Till date, I have only loved one girl. And I will keep loving her throughout my life. I really want to be the lovely sunshine that enlightens happiness in her world. I can't express my feelings in words. I hear many lovebirds say, “We are each other’s shadows”. However, I do not agree. Boss! Even the shadow disappears in the dark.


Many believe, there are better feelings than love. Sorry! I really consider 'love' as the best and the greatest feeling in this world. There is so much hatred in the world. Yet, there is love in the hearts. Even if the people you love die, and your friends disappears, their love always remains alive. Fearless, love more.

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