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Published On: December 24, 2017 08:31 AM NPT By: Sujata Karki

My apologies

My apologies

I had been an angel
To my own heaven
I was bestowed,
Beauty and tranquility
Light wings, my assets
Wherever desired, I could take the flight.

Then myself, tied stones to my ankles
Set the boundaries,
And waited for a perfect dawn
Set the ideals, for someone else’s appraisal
The very which, chained me down
No wonder, my wings vanished
How would you keep away from burning
When you run after the blazing sun?

Valorizing my assets, 
Before turning to ashes
Taking a slow journey back
To save the self
No blames, no excuses
Heartfelt sorry to myself
To whom I owe the biggest apology
No one’s given the more pain
Than I have afflicted on me. 

my, apologies,

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