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Movie Review : Romeo and Muna

Movie Review : Romeo and Muna

Romeo and Muna
Genre: Romance
Director: Naresh Kumar KC 
Cast: Shristi Shrestha, Vinay Shrestha, 
Tulasa Thapa, Sushma Karki and Prajwal Sujal Giri

Written and directed by Naresh Kumar KC, Romeo and Muna is a romantic love saga that captivates the viewers’ attention through its impressive storyline punched with light humor. 

The movie narrates the story of Vedh (Vinay Shrestha), and Muna (Shristi Shrestha). The lead characters belong from two different worlds, yet end up crossing paths ultimately leading to a chain of events affecting both their lives in a quite unpredictable way. The story unfolds when Vedh, a well-off spoilt young brat visits Dharan from Dallas and stumbles upon Muna, a self-reliant artist who has the utmost admiration for Vincent van Gogh.

The innovative concept, fair cinematography with a series of strong dialogues and romantic numbers like Pal Pal, Bhedetar Ghumaula and Timrai Lagi ho keeps the viewers entertained throughout the movie. 

However, on the entertainment scale, the first half outweighs the second. Nevertheless, unlike KCs previous directorial the film has explored different shades of emotions and included animation to represent a metaphorical water monster that exists in Muna’s thoughts.

The dynamic characters have a lot to impart to the viewers throughout their journeys changing for good. Shristy Shrestha fits in the role of a sulky and stubborn character of Muna except in the final scene where she had difficulties making the viewers cry with her acting. Vinay Shrestha, portraying the role of Vedh has done justice to his role as a Casanova.

The leads have found effective support from actors including Tulasa Thapa as Thupri, who plays the role of Muna’s younger sister. Sushma Karki as Julie, and Prajwal Sujal Giri as Aryan. 

All in all, the film can be seen collecting appreciations of the audiences with all the bits of fun, pain, hatred, and love. KC’s clever humor through the phrase ‘sandwich me’ outstands to all inciting that he has a knack for directing films.

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