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Published On: January 25, 2019 09:49 AM NPT By: Prakash Pradhan



Left within the thought of lonely mind, 
I’m roamin’ around to find her
Carry out my four and my hommies
Uff..  another misery has come to sweet surrender.
Feels like nothin’ to hide,
A playful sympathy on the otherside of train
My law and my rule,
They’re all binded within a silver stone 
And  I pray for a beautiful  imagination.
The suppression and the vagabond ,
They’re another part to me and I climb.
The truth I always seek for,
I adjust and I justice them.
A mirror and a lonely time,
They don’t even hit the ground.
A mesmerisin’  and belongin’ to case,
I avoid the circumstances
And I still don’t want an olibivion to come.
A game of thought and a game of love,
It’s a beauty and a beautiful creation I found in you.
Now you’re the real one  and a throne for hier.
I prone sometimes and I pray to the higher.
I give a thousand hug to god  to call for new era
Cause we are down and we’re on imagination
When I’m beyond and I’m the one.
A justice , a prayer , a blaze and an awesome sin.

mother, love, children,

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