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Published On: January 12, 2019 05:31 PM NPT By: Prallabi Lohani

Misuse of learning through technology

Misuse of learning through technology

Students, better known as learners are the future of tomorrow’s world. They are the ones who get involved in activities like gaining contemporary knowledge with the growing technology and the fast developing world. In the twenty-first century, science and technology is quite advanced. Science and technology has made the life of human beings very easy, fast, reliable and comfortable. It is used in various sectors like banking, accounting, education and even in agricultural activities.

In a student’s life, technology is of great significance. Technology is a basic need for a student. It is capable of enhancing the bond between a learner and a teacher. When technology is integrated in a classroom, learning becomes more interesting. Use of technology in educational sector helps in making studies more fun to learn. Also with the modernization of technology, pupils can interact with the teacher even outside the classroom or school. Learning through technology is more meaningful and fun as well. Technology in student’s life can’t replace the position of teachers yet plays an extremely significant role in a student’s life. The use of technology helps the learner in useful and studious activities. It helps in improving the learning process of the pupils and also aims for improvisation of the students’ grades.

We can see the use of Science and Technology in Learners life from different point of views but with advantages of something comes up disadvantages too. Even the use of science and technology in the education is disadvantageous. As we all know that students are quick learners and they easily catch new things immediately. They also catch the new concepts of science and technology easily. Some catch it so fast that they end up teaching their own seniors i.e. parents, relatives etc on how to be updated with technology.

In the twenty first century, technology is widely spread among young students not just for the study-purpose but also for entertainment. They not only adapt to the growing technology but also use it in such a way that makes them addicted to it. Yes! This has been a rapidly increasing problem of children in every schools of the world. Every pupil should be taught about the proper and limited use of technology before they are given the freedom to make a use of the contemporary technology. It has been widely agreed and accepted that technology itself is both a curse and a blessing. It is a blessing if utilized properly but a curse if it is misused. Students today are misusing the freedom and opportunity that they have been blessed with. Instead of exploring and learning, they’re being involved in social networking sites and chatting or calling their friends all day long. The main cause of why technology is abused has to be ascribed to lack of consciousness or ethics. Many students are falling into less than desirable technological habits. As a result of this addiction and misuse of gadgets like mobile, Computer, laptops, iPad students not only lag behind in their studies but also from every sector. Their production and creativity gets less except the birthday wishes write and TikTok videos they make to upload on the social media. They should be told and taught that being on the social website and playing useless games like Fortnite, PubG etc is useless. The pupils today are making the gadgets a part of their life which they shouldn’t. This not only results to their lag in studies but also various brain washing diseases as well as diseases which make them blind in critical cases as well.

Hence, parents should spend more time with their children rather than giving them a gadget in which they can get involved without disturbing the works of parents. It might be a way of relaxation for the parents but a dread for the future of children! The best way to get children out of addiction is getting them involved in the society with activities like outdoor games and spending more time with them.

We, being conscious technology users, can only become conscious of such reality and attempt our hardest, on the one side, to take lead of its benefits and, on the other, protect ourselves as effectively as possible against all its potential abuse, the instances of which we cannot even imagine or think of before actually suffering.

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