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Published On: March 22, 2018 10:15 AM NPT By: Nasana Bajracharya



KATHMANDU, March 22: Mint Lemonade had started as a Home Décor brand in June last year. Founder of Mint Lemonade (name not disclosed upon request) was a designing student who had passion for designing and creating new items. She started by working on new designs in the textile sector. After a lot of pre-testing, Mint Lemonade was launched on September and it started selling printed bed-sheets, which was a big hit. After that she added four accessories; hand-printed or hand-made jute coasters, cushions and jute table-mats and recently key-rings, which after their launch have also attracted a line of customers who preferred hand-made products for decorating their work and home environment.

It was her who invested her time and money to open the business. When she first talked about the idea, she received a mixed response. She came across many people who had a skeptical approach, but at the same time, there were many people who trusted in the idea of decorating people’s homes in a unique way.

All their designs are inspired from objects that are physically in front of them and come from real life scenarios. Yet, as refreshing as the drink is, Mint Lemonade offers a variety of refreshing designs in each of its products. Products have different patterns including squares, triangles and checks; and designs like slices of lemon, feathers, cat, minions and flowers among others. But products that have actually garnered the attention they have received have reflections of Nepali heritages and cultures like tikejhya, traditional oil lamps, ‘jwola nhyakan’ (a silverware which is used in many auspicious occasions in Newari culture). 

Bed-sheets at Mint lemonade are first pre-washed before they print the design on to the sheets. Then they are heat set them once the printing is completed. As for the coasters, the jute printed with the designs is glued to the base. All products come in various colors.

Products are also largely inspired by (food) puns and popular culture including Game of Thrones, Marvel and DC characters. They also take orders for customization to add the personal touch. It’s that incorporation of culture in creative designs and the ability to update, by taking customers together that have helped them stand out from the crowd and they believe it will help them sustain their business in future as well. 

Mint Lemonade does not have a very big team, they have only four people including operations manager Praful Raj Hada and two other staff members who help with the printing and stitching of the products. Because of which, they said, meeting up customers’ demands on time for personalized custom orders have been a challenge. Also delivering a large order has been a challenge for them at times, but things have worked out good so far as customers have loved their designs and are inspiring to come up with more.

They had initially started to sell it online, primarily through Instagram. They approached other concept stores, now they sell their products through four distributors: two located at Jhamsikhel, Lalitpur and two in Kathmandu, one at Bauddha and one at Tahachal. Their products’ prices start from NRs 120 onwards and they also deliver them.

In a short span of time, it has attracted individual customers as well as restaurants. With the response they are getting, they hope to add more interesting products under the accessory category with. Mint Lemonade is still growing and it plans to sustain the business by increasing its supply quantity and ultimately the customer base as well as its distributors for better accessibility of their products.

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