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Published On: September 26, 2017 10:17 AM NPT By: Kriesha Pradhan

Menstruation - A Sin?

Menstruation - A Sin?

Blood runs in your veins and mine
Allowing us to breathe our next breathe
And to cherish the next day
But to a girl it is a curse.

For when she bleeds
She is ‘different’
Banished to the cowshed
Untouchable by the house.

The kitchen is no place to be
And God is forbidden to touch
Even when he created us this way
And the sorrow is nothing to show.

So away she goes
Into her land of misery and despair
For she is human no more
A period is not shameful.

The only thing shameful would be us humans
So Lost in our beliefs we forget about humanity
We’re modern in our times
No more sati or dowry.

For it affects the society negatively
And yet,
You teach your little daughter how every month,
The temple isn’t a place to go.

For she sheds blood
Despite animal blood scattered on the holy floor
She asks you why
Why her period makes her different.

But shedding blood is the same as when you cut yourself
And stained jeans aren’t a big deal
So don’t treat it like a sin
Like a bomb that killed millions.

Or a terrorist that is a danger
Because period is just a natural cycle
It’s how the reproductive organs grow
And the future generation come and go.

It’s common in everyone
Your grandma, you sister your mom
War and bloodshed all over the world
So why is this a topic to shy away from?

It’s just period, it won’t destroy the universe
So don’t act like it is a curse.


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