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Published On: August 26, 2017 10:05 AM NPT By: Republica

Men's Guide to Monsoon Fashion

Men's Guide to Monsoon Fashion

When it comes to men, it’s all about comfort and not much about fashion trends. Therefore we aim at styling your wardrobe with the importance laid on your comfort.

This is the time to style yourself with a hue of unconventional attire. Being casually dressed isn’t as easy as it may sound. You need to keep the things in sync yet ideal for the appealing look. Your attitude plays an equal amount of role in portraying you as a style statement. Let’s take a look at some of the trending men’s wear this monsoon!

Colors and prints
Wearing the right color and fabric is the most important key to look stylish this season. You think of it and it is out there waiting to get picked.

There is a complete clothing transformation which you should be thankful about. An influx of patterns and colors are available for men of all sizes and shapes with every type of skin tone to pull off.

While deciding colors in shirts and tees, opt for the newest shade of pink, orange, blue, green or maybe purple. Beige is a good bet; it practically defines the monsoon. Rule the printed world. Do not hesitate in trying the prints on.

Fabric is equally important. Opt for cotton shirts and tees. Nylon is another favorable fabric known for its low absorbency rate. Poly-cotton, a combination of polyester and cotton is a good fabric this season as it gets less wrinkled. While deciding colors for the bottoms, go for pastel colors such as dark green, black and maroon amongst the few. Strictly avoid wool, linen and thick fabrics.

Raised hemlines
Men’s fashion is rattling light years ahead with a “who cares” attitude.

Hemlines in pants are a way to go.  You can add a charming boyish air, irrespective of your age by flaunting these as your style statement. Whether you go on a vacation or just a casual hangout in town, you can always think of wearing the raised hemlines.

These pants range from knee to lower-thigh. Be sure about the length. Anything longer than above the knee would count for sloppiness. Even the full length pants have undergone revolutionary changes with hemlines ending just above the ankle.

hese add a playful yet smart look to an individual’s style. However, these cropped pants tend to make you look short, so be completely honest to yourself while opting for these so that you do justice to your personality.

Shorts and harem pants
This goes without saying that shorts will be your best buddy during this weather; the perfect go-to street style. So take out your Bermudas and harem pants and make the most of them this season. Opt for colors like blue, brown or dark green to name a few. 

Shirts and t-shirts
Make room for colors in your wardrobe in this gloomy weather. Include some light colored fabrics and exotic prints in your wardrobe. Not just the casual tees, but the casual field jackets as well would give you a fun yet sophisticated look. Go for loose fitted tees. Wear real good thin tees in vibrant colors. Cotton shirts are a monsoon must have.

Your footwear choice has to be pragmatic as your outwear when the weather demands. Canvas shoes are to be avoided. Anything from slippers to waterproof shoes is a good deal to be tried. While opting for slippers, try the funky colored ones. Get those crocs and floaters out to put on this season; they must be your best bet when it comes to footwear. Remember to wear rough soles; opt for rubber soles and avoid leather soles. Rain is a great time to reprise those hiking boots and timberlands.

-Steel and leather belt watches are a big no-no this season.
-If you opt for shoes, then make sure you wear clean socks every day to maintain hygiene.
-Avoid wearing leather pants and jackets.
-Your shirts should ideally be half sleeved.
-Wear layers of clothing as they depict style and you can remove one layer when wet. Waterproof     hood, jacket and long wind cheater are a few good bets for wearing layers.
-Buy an umbrella of pastel shade. Opt for colors like navy blue, black, brown or metallic silver.
-Opt for a classic trench.
-Get a short hair-cut.

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