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Published On: January 15, 2021 11:15 AM NPT By: Moin Uddin

Melt her heart

Melt her heart

Here he's thinking that what went wrong
Has he made a mistake or was just his illusions
Can't get out of her thoughts as she was always there in him since they talked
Oh it was never smooth but he hopes to rain and clear the roads.

Been ages since she last messaged him
He was the one who stopped messaging
Did so because he didn't want to be the part of day to day suffering
But he had good dreams to flow with her but also respected her feelings

She might be stalking him
As he does to know her meanderings
Hoping again to contact him
So that he could ask her how she has been doing

The hopes and chills are the same
Heart races like it was in the beginning
She was and still is beautiful he says 
But does she feel the love that she was unsure of like she would say to him when he would express

Oh what her thoughts might be saying when she is alone
Does she feel like messaging like he craves but stops 
She was and still he hopes 
Memories bring back memories and the efforts that he tried,

he prays to melt her hearts and everything resolves.

illusion, slammed, emotion,

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