Published On: December 16, 2018 12:38 PM NPT By: Kiran Lama

Meet the ‘Bijuli Dai’ Singer

Meet the  ‘Bijuli Dai’  Singer

KATHMANDU, Dec 16: When Kelsang Shrestha was an eighth grader, he was caught cheating during Nepali exam. He was actively enrolled in music and learning guitar at that time. Therefore he barely could focus on his exam. But luckily the Nepali teacher did not publicly embarrass him. She rather called him to her room after the exam. According to Shrestha, his Nepali teacher was really disappointed with him. She asked him why he cheated. He felt guilty and answered, “Alchi gardina bhaneko ta thiye, aba procrastinate ta gardina bhaneko thiye,” ( I said I would not be lazy. I would not procastinate) which later turned out a YouTube sensation track ‘Bijuli Dai’. 

He is just 16, but the way he presents himself with a raspy voice and meaningful and relatable lyrics has garnered praises and appreciation from his admirers.  It is his debut song which tells history as a  procrastinator teen—asking and imaginative character ‘Bijuli dai’ to show him the way.

“Personally I feel like a procrastinator myself. So this song can easily be related to me,” said Shrestha.

However, it is a hard-fought journey for the singer-songwriter to make his debut track. He contacted several production groups and recording studios in Nepal. But, most of them overshadowed his dream. Some music companies asked him money which he barely could afford.  

“I desperately wanted to come out with this song. But as I went to music companies, they asked me for money which I couldn’t afford. I even asked my parents for Rs 100,000. But they took it lightly,” Shrestha shared. 

“Luckily I found Katha Haru and Kobid Bajra, music director and arranger at Bajra Creation Records. They really added a lot to the song. They trusted me and made a video free of cost,” he added. 

Now, he gradually is gaining trust from his parents. He said his parents are serious about his music career and support him.  “My dad heard about the success of my debut song from his friends,” Shrestha said.

Shrestha recalls embracing music from his early childhood. He still remembers jamming with his two brothers.  His brothers played guitar with him and they sang along. Later, it triggered him to pursue music. Similarly, he also enrolled in music classes at school. His teacher called him ‘Bryan Adam’ because of his raspy voice. This further encouraged him to make music.

His music career finally commenced after his brother went abroad for study. He then was 14. He started playing the guitar which his brother left back. Playing on the guitar was intriguing to him. Later, he learned to play it from various social sites. “Initially, I shared my covered video on Instagram. Later, I received a positive and warm response from my friend-circle.  Covering a song turned out to be my hobby,” he said. 

He said he doesn’t follow a particular genre, but he adores indie and folk music. He initially was a huge fan of Ed Sheeran. He closely follows Rohit John Chettri and Pahenlo Batti Muni in Nepali music realm. 

Currently, he is studying A-Level in Rato Bangala School. He is planning to release his debut album on his 17th birthday. He also plans to enhance his music. 


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