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Published On: May 30, 2020 12:49 PM NPT By: Raabiya Sharma

Medusa and the Starry night

Medusa and the Starry night


I created this painting, when quarantine had just started and all of us.  Well, at least ones who care about the world were home, glaring onto screens some anxious about what will happen next, some finishing Netflix tv shows, and some still going out, using passes carelessly. I was one of them who decided to be creative and so, I started this painting. 

I have always wondered what it felt like to be the eldritch goddess of fashion and art. So, instead of just wondering about it, I put my thoughts on a canvas and some acrylic paint. I didn't expect it to turn out great but I just kept going anyway. I made the eldritch goddess and on her head, I decided to recreate one of the most famous paintings, 'The Starry Night'. I only used one brush for the whole painting, and I made sure that all the brush strokes looked the same, which made it look kind of monotonous and as if it were printed. I played with different shades of blue, and let the brush strokes define its texture. I took two days to finish this painting and I was really proud after it was done. 

A note from to every student out there.
The current situation is having such a heavy impact on us students and our daily schedule but I just wanted to say that, there's no explanation to not be creative during this lockdown. It doesn't have to be a painting, it can be anything as long as you are getting a kick out of its way. So make the best out of this lockdown and influence others too!


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