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Published On: March 16, 2019 11:27 AM NPT By: Mohit Shrestha

Mardi Calling!

Mardi Calling!

As I was at the top, I experienced a different feeling which was the best feeling that I have ever felt in my life.

The trip commenced on Friday 8th March 2019, I and my brother  Binod Majhi traveled from Kathmandu to Pokhara in order to be at the Mardi Base Camp. We started our journey from Sorakhutte, Kathmandu by taking a tourist bus to Pokhara. We were very much excited for our trek.  However, I was much more excited as it was my first ever experience of trekking.

As we reached Pokhara, we searched for our hotel at Lakeside for our first night in Pokhara. It was my 5th time in Pokhara but it gave me the same feelings that it gave me the first time I traveled here. After our check-in at Hotel Stay Pokhara, we went for a little shopping. For the first night, we took our dinner and went directly to sleep at 8 pm as we were pretty much excited.

In the morning, we hired a jeep from Pokhara to Sidhing. It took about 2 and half hours to reach there. We had our lunch at 10 am and started our trek. At first, I was very much nervous and excited at the same time. As we were going high, we were getting tired so we decided to have our first break after 1 and a half hours in the deep forest. We had some snickers and Redbull. It was getting dark though it was just 12:30 pm. After our first break, we got our energy restrained and hiked all the way up to our first destination Low Camp of Mardi Himal Trek. Most of the people take rest here for the night and hike up to High Camp the very next day. After we reached the Low Camp, we had a talk with other guides. They helped us a lot for the information for the trek. We had some musical night and went straight to bed at 8:00 pm.

I had kept my alarm at 5:45 am so that I could see the Machhapuchre and Mardi Himal more near than I have ever seen before. After my alarm rang, I woke up, wore my trekking boots and directly went to see the Himalayas. It was freezing cold but the beauty of the mountains kept me there for more than half an hour. My brother, Binod was calling me but I was busy looking at the beautiful mountains Machhapuchre and Mardi Himal. He came to me and asked me to have my breakfast; he told me “you can see the same mountains more closure if you have your breakfast fast". Once he said that line to me, I had my breakfast and was ready for the day.

We started at Low Camp at 7:30 am. As we were getting up, the weather was getting colder and there was much more snow than expected. I slipped many times on the way but the beauty of the Himalayas kept me going on. We were at the High Camp at 11:00 am which our destination for the day. We couldn't see the view of the Himalayas cause of the weather. As we were having talks with the hotel owner and the guides, the weather began to get worse than we expected. At around 1 pm, it started to snow. I was happy to see the snowfall but at the same time, I was getting worried about our next day trek. We thought of taking the decision tomorrow morning if we could complete our trek or not so we went to our room and slept.

At around 5 am, I woke up and I could see the beautiful Himalayas with my naked eyes from our room window. I was very much happy to look at the view. I couldn't resist so I woke up my brother and told him to look at the view. After we woke up, we went to the viewpoint to see the sunrise which was amazing.

I think that every Nepali should feel proud to have Himalaya at their home country and also should plan to do the trek on this route which I feel was amazing.

Estimated budget - 15k per person


Things to bring

- Down jacket

- Flee jacket

- Trekking Shoes

- Inner wears (Thermacoat)

- Warm trouser

- Trekking pant

- Stick

- Trekking socks

- Water bottle

- Needed medication

- Toiletries

- Dry food

- Cap (Topi)

- Mufler

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