Dinesh Sapkota

Published On: June 24, 2017 01:37 PM NPT By: Dinesh Sapkota

Love, You and Me

Love, You and Me

Who dwells invisibly,
builds essence out of fragments!
who resides in non-living,
though creates gleaming monuments!!

Dream changed into reality,
dreaming became passion to passionate!
dark manifests freedom,
freedom impedes the warm resonate!!

Exists in blinks as un-appeared,
frenzy awakes the happiness!
absence is worthwhile to be,
void is full and full is emptiness!!

That is me and me nowhere,
that is nowhere but in memory!
You pass the liveliness,
life, smile and melancholy !!

All is well till you strike my soul,
your survival bestows here
glittering hope!
you and me or me and you or you/me,
you/me or love or you/me/love!!

love, you and me,

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