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Published On: January 13, 2019 01:47 PM NPT By: Prakash Pradhan

Love Invasion

Love Invasion

It’s a matter, 
Ultimately a first sky, a sober rain down,
Cast my pan on,
Click of a time, a huge of the world made it on,
Now on a pile of biscuits, a shadowed disguise,
And what a mission to the peace,
Alike, a rumor gone, half minded vagabond,
And a half breaks of a circuit,
Atonement on a joy, cross a boundary,
And cast away for the youth its gone,
Heavenly sake on blaze to offer cold summer,
A bay of a beach & a miracle unraveled,
Tough on tough, a clay, sand & a mud,
Here the glory goes for a riot on the bug,
To kill the rival of father’s fate.


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