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Published On: December 12, 2017 09:10 AM NPT By: Moin Uddin

Love in a Rush

Love in a Rush

While in teens we do some silly things that when we recall later, we either regret or laugh thinking that we actually did such silly things once. Some of us might have stolen money from our parents’ pockets just to get satisfaction from the crazy stuff. It was not intentional – that was a silly part of growing up with some crazy friends who asked to bring money for fanatical explorations. While in college, we sometimes stole the attention of opposite sex and at times they did the same with us. It was a guilty pleasure that we were once into. Just think of being liked by the opposite sex, to get into an affair, and to explore the different adventure side of us – isn’t it wonderful? 

Let’s imagine that we are in our early 20’s or late 20’s. This is the time when our hormones are in a rush. I mean this is a time when every part of our body is transformed and later gets into the process of maturation. Imagine in your school/college or in your neighborhoods, you happen to meet someone who brings some kind of emotional and romantic feelings in you. You feel like that person is the most attractive and you want to connect with them.

You think of breaking the ice, but you don’t know how. You feel shy, your heart beats faster and voice softens. You cultivate gentleness in your behavior to talk with that person; which you normally don’t do the same with your regular friends. Even getting a glimpse and to talk with the person you are infatuated with for a mere second makes you feel like in heaven. You have romantic Goosebumps, and you keep smiling throughout the day remembering those precious moments and end your day on a good note.

Slowly and gradually, you pray to get a date and guess what, your prayers get answered. That person too starts talking with you. You talk sweet and happy things, you compliment and give them gift and also if you happen to be creative than you’ll compose a song and perform in front of him/her. You feel like you know him/her since ages. You talk about the possibility of getting married and so on.

Gradually you feel like recalling those moments that you spent together and feel like the days are so longer without the person you are in love with. Without talking to him/her, you feel like your days just went by unproductively. You text and keep on waiting to get reply. But, that person will not reply to you. You make a call but with no response. You send message on messenger and it shows that they were online 16 hours ago. You get confused that the person who stays online 24/7 is now offline for hours.  You wait and keep staring on the messenger and pray to show them online and keep checking repeatedly, but in vain. You get frustrated. You feel that person doesn’t have feelings like you have for them. But on the other side, you heart wants to be with that person no matter your brain says to go get some time for yourself from this maze of love. But, you’re stranded in between the memories that you had cherished few hours ago and the reality of pain that you’re in now.

If river could stop and think before making its way where the actual need of it could be figured out than the lives would have been different but it always flows in same direction. Sometimes slow and on occasion – fast, without thinking that could be dangerous for many. Sometimes we expect a lot. We think that we have a perfect person to be with who could understand and love us back like we have done to them, but in fact real life’s love is so different than what is shown in a movie.
The same day you are having a good moment and think that you know each other for years can be transformed into a stranger in a blink of an eye. Love in this modern time is complicated and it’s like a river that once it was slow and calm erodes to that level which can destroy everything in a second – (splash).

We human beings are same like the flooded river and especially we youth without figuring out that person in a good way tend to rush to be in a relationship that we end up hurting many lives including ourselves. We never ask questions to self that, do I love that person dearly. Or is it just an infatuation. Is it right time to express your feelings or is it too early/ late? Are we really in need of each other to continue life for a lifetime together? or how have that person perceived us after meeting? And so on. 

Life is a rush, but we are humans. Let’s stop for a while and think to sharpen our horizons. Sometimes expecting much could be disastrous as it could make us mad, sad and lay you back while you might turn out to be a topic of gossip. You are beautiful and you are in this earth for a purpose. So, know people before getting too deep, taste the surface first and only after analyzing go a little farther, but be careful. Don’t hurt your emotions and take care of others’ emotions too. Life is good. 

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