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Published On: June 5, 2018 08:31 AM NPT By: Republica

Love for virtual space

Love for virtual space

Needless to say, social media plays a vital role in networking, and increasing the social relations of users. However, immaturity and the unmanaged synchronization between online life and real life tend to open doors to cybercrime, and even mental illnesses. 

Consultant psychiatrist of Annapurna Neuro Hospital, Shreejana Maharjan admits more than ten percent of mental illnesses in youngster are caused by the misuse of social media. She informed that social media often caused anxiety and depression.  She added, “Internet addiction is a major problem among youngster. They tend to be occupied with social media on every place including school, college, and office.”

At present, online platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Musically are favorite social apps among youngsters. These mediums allow users to interact and share their mind out with a large number of people with just a single touch of a button. While social media allows users to connect with a vast part of the world, excessive uses have an array of adverse consequences. 
My City team talked to a few youngsters about their social media habits. Here’s an excerpt of what they had to say:

Shanta Poudel
Student and Marketing Representative, Kalanki  

Yes, I use social media, but I make sure that I don’t overuse it. Social media is just a way of communication for me. I am mostly active on Facebook. However, when I find some free time, I like browsing through trending videos and my favorite movies and songs on YouTube. As a student, I have to go to college in morning and I also work in the afternoon. I hardly get a chance to scroll through social sites during the daytime. I believe social media is a good medium to interact with friends, especially with those who are physically far. 

Mohomad Kalama 
Mobile technician, Kalimati 

Four years ago I entered the realm of social media with Facebook. At present, I use Facebook, Messenger, IMO and during my spare time, I also spend some time on YouTube watching my favorite movies and songs.  Though I have accounts on several online platforms, Facebook is my favorite. It is a good source of information and a reliable mean of communication. 
I am a social media addict. That’s why whenever I find some spare time I am busy on social media. I cannot control myself when there is a device near me during my spare time. I cannot imagine my life without the internet and social media.

Anuja Acharya
Nurse, Basundhara

 It’s been more than a decade since I started using social media. I started with MIG 30. Currently, I use Facebook, Instagram, Viber, and YouTube. Among these, my favorite is Facebook as it allows me to communicate with many of friends at one time. I also use social media to update myself on the happening around the world. It’s also a medium that connects people of different groups. We have Lovely Nepalese Nurses Group in social media which updates its members with different information related to nursing courses like exam routine, result notice and so on. I am not that addicted to social media, but I cannot live without it and I even cannot image a day without my mobile. Rather than spending hours on social media, I play games all the time. 
Likewise, YouTube is my second favorite online platform. I always check the trending videos. There are both positive and negative aspects of social media, so I always try to maintain my privacy and recommend others to do the same. 

Baby Rouniyar
Nurse, Basundhara 

I use different social media like facebook, Viber, and YouTube, but I never let my internet habit interrupt my professional life. Though I am not addicted towards social media, I like to spend my spare time browsing my mobile. I try to gain new information from the internet. I am not a huge fan of online platforms but I use it to communicate with my friends, especially those living outside the city. Though I don’t like social media, I cannot imagine my life without it.  

Anup Bajracharya
Manager at Harati Finance, Patan 

I have been using social media for about eight years. I started with Facebook and now I am also on Instagram and YouTube. Instagram is my favorite social app because I am a huge admirer of photographs. I enjoying viewing posts of people I follow as well. I am not addicted to social media but I login to my accounts during my free time.

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