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Published On: August 24, 2019 04:12 PM NPT By: Bhoj Kumar Dhamala

Lost Generation

Lost Generation

No one is responsible for anyone. Human nature is diverting from what is called morality and divinity. Skyrocketing ambitions are strangling the throats of every man. No children are responsible for their parents. Students have their problems. Moreover, the citizens are concerned only to their welfare. 

As a common man, one needs to do a lot for his prosperity and that’s true. Everyone’s perception is similar to this opinion but what one should think is about the nation. Being responsible to everyone and the nation where he is born is morally declining at present. Ethnocentric opinion is prevalent everywhere. My opinion is valid, I am only the best, and what I do is perfect is the concept that is guiding everyone.
Death is inevitable but men have forgotten this and running concentrating wealth, power and prosperity for them and their offsprings. To some extent, this is good to think about the children and it entirely depends on what type of environment we are providing to our children. Are our children morally correct and following what the parents want them to be? Is the current curriculum aiming to produce the finest manpower who is responsible for the parents and the nation? These questions seek the best answers from the stakeholders.

Many households have broken up. The small kids have seen their parents quarreling and splitting without caring about their children’s future and this is a critical situation that seeks urgent attention. We cannot expect anything better if we do not correct ourselves.

Many things attribute for this wrong deeds and the corrupt generation. State mechanism, our family structure, nation’s short term, and long term goals and after all ones socio-economic background are the key concerns. Responsible citizen, leader, and parents only can guide the nation and their children to the right track. 

The nation of maharsis and full of ethics and values now are turning to the wasteland. As we examine the entails of the people we find them spiritually dead, full with narcissism. Everyone seems to like the air-filled balloon floating in the sky without acknowledging their real ground. The reality is that their existence is no more as like the balloon after it blasts.

The word morality has been the story of once upon a time. This is the fundamental thing that seeks urgent treatment. Schools are not producing any creative manpower. They are just concerned about what benefits them. Our parents have also become selfish and imposing their dream to their parents without concerning their children’s interest. Our children are the raw mud and that depends on the delicate touch like the potter. Giving them the size is still in our hand but it is to be done before it is too late. Life is our children are ours let’s not kill their creative potency. 

Envisioning the perfect society full of moral values, undivided families, well-behaved children smooth governance, and peaceful society is the demand of time. Moral gurus, teachers, and visionary futurists can contribute many more for perfection.



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