Published On: November 22, 2017 08:35 AM NPT

Looking forward for better world

Padam Pandey is a 27- year-old bus driver from Bhojpur. He is currently living in Kamalpokhari. It has been 10 years since he started working as a driver. He learned driving from his brother. He began working as a helper for his brother’s bus for 14 months then started driving a bus himself. He now drives school/college buses. He started to work as a driver for Nobel School and currently drives a National College bus. He says, “I love my job. And in life I believe people should live in harmony and should understand that everyone is equal and should be treated the same.” Though having an interest in an academic degree, he could not even complete his SLC (SEE now) because of household problems. He married at the age of 20 and now has a six-year-old daughter. He added, “People should not hurt others’ sentiment because of on their work.” 

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