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Published On: July 7, 2019 05:00 PM NPT By: Nirdesh Subedi

Living a genuine life

Living a genuine life

Nirdesh Subedi

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Life gets hard when it starts knocking you down. Everything seems so hollow, like a cycle of absurdness. With time, we all get scars, failures, heartbreaking moments and other many unwanted and unwelcomed situations. These dark situations are inevitable. Actually, every dark situation is an opportunity for us to transform into either a warrior or a weak victim. By warrior, I mean a symbol of courage. When these events come to stab our spirit, pity is the biggest error. We need to say to ourselves "I am not a victim in this situation, I am a warrior in a fight". That’s when we don’t give up but stand up, we wake up and realize our journeys are quite intense and uniquely different.

What if a human being is strongly committed to a quest to evolve? What if, in that absurdity, a human being decides to devote his life to see what his existence is actually all about and how much he can evolve? As we know, the law of nature is that either we evolve or we go extinct. It’s just that we need to be committed to evolving. Commitment is a sword that brutally stabs the neck of distraction. Commitment is the medium point of focus. So, we have to walk in the path of commitment.

Every day we subconsciously carry an image of ourselves based on our many rough experiences of life. Now, these experiences have a different taste to them. This self-image could shower us either with cool and calm water or hot and burning oil as per the taste of our experiences. When people put their opinion over us like “you’re dumb” or “you are such a loser”- it sparks a fire. We burn down if we are showered with the hot oil of our self-image or it may have no effect if we know our own values.

We can either live a life or live a lie. So, it's necessary that we know ourselves and live by our own true nature and understand that a true and genuine life has its own unique rhythm. It never had, and will never have, a sense of resonance with a general rhythm. Everyone's journey is different and we have our own. We need to stay honest about our journey. Along the journey we will see the different colors of life, we just need to experience them with open arms.

It is not about having no problems, fears, doubts or failures. In reality, it's about practicing to be someone who is never affected by the storms and commit to living a genuine life. It all starts with a life-empowering attitude, where we just focus on empowering ourselves and evolving with the mindset: “Whatever life brings is all for my empowerment and evolution”.

Then, events won’t be a problem but an exciting way to evolve. Then our life won’t only seek meaningless comfort but also a value to its existence. In the process of empowering ourselves, we need to enhance our perspective as it’s the steering of our lives. In the long run, our perspectives become the authorities controlling our lives. Therefore, the subtle disease that can rot your life is our own narrow perspective on life. A clean and clear perspective can be the right vehicle in our journey of life. We are mortal beings which makes life very valuable. We need to live it by its true essence and not let it drown with a weak heart.





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