Published On: November 13, 2017 11:28 AM NPT By: Kiran Lama

‘Line’ absurd, but meaningful

‘Line’ absurd,  but meaningful

KATHMANDU, Nov 13: The best thing about being an artist must be that one is able to express her/his deep feelings through art. Many-a-times an artist doesn’t even need words or voice to express, rather a stroke of a brush or a blow to the flute can express innumerable feelings. Art is a medium of expression and those with the skills use it to their advantage. Director Akanchha Karki did the same with her new play ‘Line’. 

‘Line’ is being played on stage at Shilpee Theatre, Battisputali since November 2. “I have encountered many people who use dirty tricks in an attempt to be the first in line. One might be uncertain where the line could lead you, but some people will still blindly fight to be in front of the line. I had not been able to confront those people. Therefore, ‘Line’ is the right medium for me to express my inner emotions against those backbiters and opportunists who manipulate people on their whim,” said Aakanchha.

It’s a rarity to get a glimpse of such absurdity in Nepali theatres. So, ‘Line’ could be a new and unique concept for theatre enthusiasts because of its ‘meaningless’ dialogues, ‘purposeless and confusing situations’ and plot ‘without realistic or logical development’. 

 The absurdity of all five characters in the play is similar with the situation of Sisyphus, a character of Greek mythology who was destined to repeat forever the same meaningless task: pushing a rock up a mountain which is rolling down from top. Because each character in the play is using all kinds of stratagem to stand first in line. 

Five lead characters in the play are shown fighting to be fist in a line. The characters don’t know what the event is or why people are lining up, but still they join the mass. Pawan, skillfully played by Rajkumar Pudasaini, keeps waiting in front of a queue all night. Later, he is easily manipulated out of the first place by Sudam CK as Shakti. As result, Pawan becomes last in the line. Thus, the whole plot revolved around the five characters tussling to get ahead for an unclear event, which is completely absurd and strange of them.  

Talking about the spectacles of the drama, minimal use of props has given clarity to the drama, while each actor’s costume has the symbol of their character. Pawan’s blue t-shirt represents his attitude of depth, trust and loyalty that is easily manipulated by Shakti, and the green kurtha worn by Dambar symbolizes his jealous and greedy nature.

‘Line’, a one-and-half-hour long play, is Katha Ghera’s second play after ‘Vagina Monologue’. The overall story and execution is commendable, so watching it is a must. ‘Line’ was adapted for the stage in Nepali by Aakanchha from an American play by Isarel Horovitz. 

The play is slated to continue till November 19.  

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