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Published On: September 25, 2017 10:06 AM NPT By: Anwesha Khadka

Life through a bird’s eye

Life through a bird’s eye

I am a caged bird. I was caged a day before my birthday. One second I was planning my birthday and all the next second I found myself inside the cage in my own house. The feeling was not nice. That moment, I felt some things look good from far.

Sometimes while flying and wandering around the capital city, I wander through the dirty roads that my dad said once used to be green, peaceful and clean. There I saw golden cages where birds were eating, drinking and enjoying. 

Today I felt so wrong that I cursed myself for sometimes wanting to be alone without anyone bothering me and I started whimpering. The food I was given after an hour in a golden plate and the water in a silver bowl seemed nothing to me.

After five days, I was released and I felt the happiness of the world had come to me. The air felt fresh and tears of happiness shed through my eyes. 

I never knew that in these five days I would start hating myself. I can't tell you my self esteem had lowered to such a level that I thought I could never overcome through that darkness. After a month I was caged at my home again and released again after five days. 

Every month I am locked for five days, given food and water better than I get every day, but I don't like it. Please god, help me. I'm sorry if I scolded you for giving me this life. You know us living organisms' emotions fluctuate, right? 

I never meant those words but because I was locked for five days in a month my temper had gone worse. But please god help me I want to fly high please. Aren't feathers meant to fly in the sky? Once my parents came next to my cage and saw me half faint in cry. They told me that they were bounded by something and couldn't let me get out of the cage. 

That day I felt myself breaking down. I know that they are not wrong, but my ego did not let me listen to my heart. 

My parents like every parent gave me food, clothing and so on. But god why don't I feel good that they are not going to take me out of this cage for one more day? Please god help me now as this has started to feel suffocating. I am tired of crying and bleeding from my cuts that I have got from hitting the cage. 

This physical wound might heal, but I never think the wounds that have formed within my heart will ever be able to heal. God I'm breathing my last now, will you still not help me and tell my parents that I don't want be locked up for five days once every month? Please will you help me now?


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