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Published On: March 17, 2021 02:56 PM NPT By: Moin Uddin

Life sometimes is dull

Life sometimes is dull

I am not sure of what should I write
So many thoughts are passing through  sights
I am feeling like I am going crazy
My mind is wandering as if in hazy 

Life sometimes is dull
Boring day, boring way
Nothing fills the void of unknown
Doesn't feel like doing something known

I feel afraid to get in touch with people
I wonder what would they think if not an angel
I am not only with the face of saint
I've different avatars that could taint

I am not only a flowing river
I am landslides that can cause fear
I am also the volcano that can be harsh
Oh don't push me so hard as it'll be difficult for you to count on stars.

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