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Published On: March 28, 2020 01:48 PM NPT By: Sushant Thapa

Life on hold

Life on hold

I thought of living my life as a whole

But, here I am thinking something everyday which is out of my hold

This is not what I stand to correct,

I have learned to accept this like a disciplined child

Who only nods back to his teacher arms folded

Like a fleeting time my days pass by

It leaves me in disciplined gestures,

Never asking me what I have reflected

My thought is too much for a pressing time to hold

I thought time will cure the absence of the presence but,

I only get to liquidate my presence here and not fill my absence

I am under the weight of a cursed stone that cannot lift itself up

I am waiting to lift myself someday and

Curse my stoned self with life, and leave it to revoke itself

With a hope that when days pass by

I shall conjure up the void and fly like the displaced stone

To the distant land of my future holding what I couldn’t fill before

It is just that I want to make all the difference and

Fill the hole while I am still on the hold


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