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Published On: January 30, 2020 11:11 AM NPT By: Republica

Life hacks for students

Life hacks for students


  1. Always getting confused between “affect” and “effect”? Here’s a trick to remember – “Affect” is an Action. Both the words start with an A. Hence, affect is a verb. “Effect” is a thing. Hence, effect is a noun. If you can’t remember this, just use the word “impact” and you will never go wrong.
  2. Take notes using different colored pens. Not only will it nicely organize your notes and make them look attractive, it will also help you recall the content easily. However, if you’re not into colored pens and prefer writing in one color only, studies show that notes in blue ink are easier to remember than those in black ink.
  3. Lost your eraser again? Try using a small piece of bread as an eraser. Back before erasers were invented, people used bread as an eraser. Or, if your eraser is attached to the end of your pencil, and it’s over, you can sharpen the end and it will reveal some more of the eraser.
  4. If you’re feeling low and just want to take a nap, write some positive affirmations to motivate yourself! Use colorful pens and be as creative as you want. This will really lift up your spirit and motivate you.


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