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Published On: April 15, 2018 11:54 AM NPT By: JYOTI LALWANI

Let’s breathe together as one lifelong

Let’s breathe together as one lifelong

Though being closely touched by the scenario, where breaking marriages are as easy as breakups and breakups are just impatient actions, where lust is respected and feelings flayed like seasons and where years of togetherness never hesitated to part ways, I still believe in you- in love!

Today, the occasion flicked me to share my feelings and bond I shared with my man. Cheers to all who feel the same! Let’s remind our valentines that the magic their presence create, will be cherished for life.

My love, when it comes to you I can never fall short of words; the laughs, fights, cozy cuddles, passionate kisses, never-ending hugs, hopeless romance, so-called gaps, talks, arguments, sleepovers and drunk conversations. When everything was falling apart and things chose to be messy, the best thing I came across was you, the reason to smile and look forward to every little thing. I can never forget our first meeting, the instant connection and the very first time you ran your fingers through my hair!

With passing days I not only could declare the bond we shared was love but also chose to spend the rest of my life admiring you. Sweetheart, I tell you I love you every day but it’s not only that I love you. I find it a compulsion to begin my mornings and end my nights with you. The very first day marked my immense love for you but with time it has incredibly deepened.

I can never get enough of you, get over you! The small, little fights that stretched for days, ended up us caressing each other. This is what I want to continue lifelong. The times when we got into heated arguments and things became pretty difficult. That thought of separation scared me to death.

I remember, the wide smile I wear when you’re around and the blush when I speak about you, how intensely I am connected to you. The ardent waits to see you after long and finally when I see your face in the crowd - the racing breath and pondering heart to take you in my arms but all I could do is smile wide and drag you out of the crowd. This is never fading, chasing game will always be on point.

You will always be a baby to me and I can’t ever stop caring for you. I will stand with you on your bad days and cherish good ones. We will make things work, fix it and never let the spark blow out of our lives. I will always communicate things and make sure things never get piled up because I don’t want to risk even a slightest chance of things getting adrift.

I love you from the deepest core of me and will never imagine a single day passing without you. I have longed for you, for your touch. I’m never letting you go. The life is all glittery now, the way we breathe, thrust and grind as one; everything is just amazing. 


lets, breathe, together, lifelong,

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