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Let Holi be a Holy Occasion

Assorted colors, sweets and water-fights are what make Holi festival lively and exuberant. Also known as the festival of colors, Holi signifies the victory of good over evil, the arrival of spring and a festive day to witness unity. Although every festival is observed to commemorate some traditional, cultural and historical happenings, the underlying essence is to strengthen humanity and celebrate togetherness. 

The festival is being celebrated in hilly districts, including Kathmandu Valley, on Thursday and in tarai on Friday. As the celebrations involve merrymaking, it sometimes also results in unintended incidents. In view of possible hooliganism or any other untoward incident, Nepal Police has announced special security arrangements during the festival. 

The spirit of Holi is such that people forget their earlier rivalry and hug it out on the day. My City’s Sonam Lama talked with some celebrities to know about their Holi plans as well as their likes and dislikes about the festival.

Jeetu Nepal

 I am expecting this Holi to be different this year because I am travelling to Nepalgunj with friends for a show. Although this year I won’t be able to celebrate it with my family members, I am excited to experience the Holi celebration in tarai for the first time. Since festivals are occasions to strengthen the bond that we share, I am fond of having fun with my close ones. Holi is more special as there are colors, music, family and friends to accompany the occasion. These days, the colors extracted from chemicals seem to invite skin hazards so I think it would add up much fun if it can be celebrated in a healthier way.

Neetesh Jung Kunwar

 I am not much of a Holi-admirer but this Holi is going to be special because I will be travelling to Sydney for a musical show. Since this is my first international show, I am quite nervous and excited for it. I feel amused seeing others getting excited on the occasion, but when it comes to me, I get a little paranoid. Holi used to be fun during my childhood days. I sort of feel nostalgic remembering the older days. I think celebrating unity and regaling at each other’s mischief is the strength of this festival. Whereas it often calls for mishaps due to people being highly intoxicated and losing control over their behavior while celebrating Holi.

Alisha Rai

 I am hardly an outdoor person when it comes to celebrating Holi. I am quite used to celebrating it with my family members inside my home premises. Though I don’t have any special thing going on Holi, many of my friends have made plans for celebration and invited me. So, I think this Holi may end up being spontaneous. For the rest of the time we are much occupied by our daily routines and it is on such occasions that we create special memories. At the same time, it is essential to remind ourselves that we don’t go overboard with the celebration.

Barsha Raut

 For me Holi is all about colors, water-fights and unlimited mischief. This year, I am not celebrating Holi due to the demise of my grandmother. But talking about Holi, it is the most special festival of all in a sense that we tend to celebrate it with things that we hardly get hold of during other occasions. Having a get-together is normal, but playing and making friends with different people is something that Holi actually calls for. However, it sometimes gets annoying when people are so much into celebrating that they end up being insensitive to other people’s consent.


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