Published On: September 18, 2017 09:42 AM NPT By: Upendra Lamichhane

Leaving behind international earning to own business in Nepal

Leaving behind international earning to own business in Nepal

LALITPUR, Sept 18: Koshal Raj Regmi and Kedarnath Bhattarai originally from Palpa worked in Malaysia and Dubai for a decade before returning to Nepal. A month ago, the duo opened a modern meat store called K and K Meat Store at Bhaisepati, Lalitpur.

While working abroad, both of them used to visit Nepal during holidays. This time around, however, they found the political scenario comparatively favorable and decided to open the meat store with the hope of earning their living within the country by using the knowledge and experience they gained from abroad.

The duo became friends when they were working together at a five star hotel in Dubai and were earning good. However, they would share the sour feeling of leaving behind their family and country which cannot be compensated by the money they earned there.

Explaining the reason for going abroad again and again, Koshal expressed, "I first returned Nepal in 2058 BS after six years of working at Malaysia with a mentality to stay but I returned to Malaysia due to the unfavorable condition of the country. However, I felt the current scenario is different where we both decided to stay and work here living with our family member. "

Agreeing to Koshal, Kedarnath added, “We both decided to work in own country and live a life with dignity. And working abroad have taught us the value of working hard and respect for every work. That’s why even being son of Bhramin we did not hesitate to open a meat store."

For them it does not matter even if they sell meat where Koshal shared, "Any work done with honesty is good and we saw the potential in meat business and we are not hesitant about it."

At their store one can get meat products of goat, chicken, duck, rabbit, and ostrich along with variety of fishes. These products are brought from Valley Cold Store and Buddhatoki Cold Store which have maintained the standard of government while butchering. Moreover they use modern machines for chopping the meat and have chiller (machine that cuts meat) that help them to maintain cleanliness and hygiene at their store.

“If you are honest and have passion for your work you can get success and don't need to go abroad. If the political scenario of Nepal become good then many more youths will return home and stay with their family happily," they shared.

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