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Published On: October 13, 2019 01:02 PM NPT By: Jyoti Budhathoki

Oh Mama!

Oh Mama!

Mama, your daughter isn't soldier
My soul is getting older
I'm trying to get out
For it I have fought
Mama, I just wanna say sorry 
And please don't worry
Someday, somehow I will meet you 
Don't cry when I'm gone
And this will be my last word.

Mama, your daughter has been living with fear 
But don't worry, someday I will be there
No any days have passed without pain 
No any nights have passed without tears
That's why I always have fear
Sorry for all these mama 
And this will be my last word.

Mama, I don't deserve to be here
And I'm leaving for somewhere
I know how you are feeling
That's why sorry for hurting
And this will be my last word

Mama I have been living with suicidal thoughts
It's makes me frustration
 it is leading me towards the depression
Mamma please let me go 
And this will be my last word

It was at midnight
Pillow was wept
At 2am I was about to cut my wrist
Sorry for all these 
Please let me go and this will be my last word.

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