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Kundoon and Saruk sharing same screen space

Kundoon and Saruk sharing same screen space

Photos: Roman Manandhar/Republica

Aspiring actor Kundoon Shakya is debuting on big screen through a short film, ‘Thirsty’ by filmmaker Aneel Neupane. The movie is going to be premiered at 17 th edition of Kathmandu International Film Festival (Kimff), scheduled for December 11-15 at City Hall and Nepal Tourism Board hall, Bhrikutimandap.
Kundoon, is the younger brother of popular actor Karma, who is also into theater, and he has worked in several music videos and television commercials (TVCs). In this 15 minutes long short film, Kundoon is sharing the screen space with actor/filmmaker Saruk Tamrakar. ‘Thirsty’ will be premiered on December 12 at KIMFF. According to Aneel, the movie revolves around the story of two childhood best friends and their bond. 
It was during the production of a TVC, Aneel felt Saruk and Kundoon would be perfect characters for his short movie. Aneel shared, “I knew Kundoon since 2017 and I was thinking about a character for the same where Saruk caught my attention.”
Saruk who has acted in three movies already, says, “I am very excited for the movie being showcased in KIMFF, as being a filmmaker, I feel short movies are my genre of movie.”
Here are the excerpts from their conversation:         

1. Why did you choose to show your film in Kimff?
KIMFF is an international platform where you are able to show your short films on a big screen to movie enthusiasts. It is also a platform for networking and interacting with your audience and other movie makers.

2. Which responsibility is easier for you, being a filmmaker or a CEO?
I consider myself as a creative person and as a CEO I take lead in holistic and intuitive way.

3. What do you have to say to the government bodies about your creativity (Bob) being copied by Bollywood filmmaker?
It would have been nation’s pride, if the government bodies like Nepal Film Development Board had stepped up. But I don’t expect anything from them, when they are not being able to do anything about the border encroachment. I was offered huge amount of payment to say that I copied from him, that I rejected and I am glad that I did not sell my soul. 

CEO/Filmmaker, Jazz Productions, Aneel Neupane

1. What is acting for you?
Acting for me is being able to fake, but in an honest way.

2. What is that one thing you wish you had, if you have to borrow it from your bother?
His facial expressions.

3. How are you feeling about the film being showcased in KIMFF?
I feel it is my introductory movie and debut on the train.
—    Actor, Kundoon Shakya

1. What do you think of our filmmakers?
I think filmmakers should have open mind and they should listen to new ideas and concept. However, it is the filmmaker’s decision whether to implement it or not. 

2. What do you enjoy most, being an actor or filmmaker?
To summarize, acting and filmmaking is two different things where someday I enjoy acting and other day I enjoy filmmaking. It is like having butter or jam, it’s just the matter of preference for the day.

3. How did you get your name Saruk that is similar to Bollywood superstar Shahrukh Khan?
Everyone thinks that my parents are huge fan of Shahrukh Khan. But it’s not the truth. I got my name from their name’s initial—Sanu (father) and Rukmani (mother).
—Actor/Filmmaker, Saruk Tamrakar


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