Published On: February 21, 2020 05:44 PM NPT By: Sangita Shrestha

Korea and Nepal Convergence Art Exhibition on display

Korea and Nepal Convergence Art Exhibition on display


The group painting exhibition ‘Korea and Nepal Convergence Art Exhibition’ kicked off on February 16 at Patan Museum Gallery, Patan. The exhibition is hosted jointly by Godawari Municipality and SDK World Convergence Culture and Arts Forum, Korea.

A total of 15 veteran Korean artists and 16 Nepali artists have showcased their artworks that revolve around everyday life, portraits, nature, and culture among others. This collaborative exhibition is a mirror to Nepali society as well as Korean society, and art is the reflection of one’s society; the exhibition has aptly shown the same along with the convergence of two countries through art.

The participating Korean artists are Alex Cho, Kwon Young-Taek, Lee Young-Hee, Lim Moo-Sang, Blue Star Park, Kim Sung-Jo, Shin Soo-Chul, Park Jeong-Lyul, among others. Likewise, participating Nepali artists are Aakrosh Thapa, Ajaya Deshar, Bal Kishor Chaudhary, Bibhusan Tamrakar, Bipana Maharjan, Uma Shankar Shah, among others.

Meanwhile, one can vividly see the difference in the works of Korean artists and Nepali artists. Even though, the paintings are focused on portraits, everyday life, and nature using acrylic or oil on canvas, the perspective and composition help to see the difference in their work. This can hence, is the exhibition for the art lovers to understand the beauty of Nepali art along with Korean art technique.  

Veteran Korean artist Jang Jong-Han using oil on canvas depicted a scenario where some people are on duty at the shores of a sea collecting things. The realistic painting using hues like blue, grey, orange, among others depicted the hardworking nature of people living in Korea.

Then, veteran Nepali artist Uma Shankar Shah depicted cityscape in his painting ‘Temple City’ using oil on canvas. In the painting, pagoda-style temples, traditional houses along modern houses are painted in a clustered form which is the reality of a city like Kathmandu.

This and more are in the exhibition that continues till Saturday.

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