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Published On: June 4, 2019 08:50 AM NPT By: Dipendra Thapa

Keeping an intrepid promise

Keeping an intrepid promise

Picture Courtesy: pixabay.com

Don’t take over me

If you won’t love me anymore

Don’t come to my mind

If you won’t remember me again

Fuchhi, just don’t make me laugh

If that hurts you a lot

Just don’t notice me

If you don’t want to get noticed

Don’t back bite me

If you already know that does nothing wrong to me

Let’s move on

If you have already chosen

Fuchhi, you are a stranger to me now

But this is just to keep an intrepid promise

That was made when we were strangers

Strangers—those desperately wanted to know each other

We still are strangers

Don’t act like you already know me

For you have not seen the other side of me

Who is heartless, slumber, and half-dead?

Keeping, an, intrepid, promise,

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