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Published On: June 16, 2020 05:25 PM NPT By: Moin Uddin

Keep creating magic

Keep creating magic

Though you seem lonely but you are not alone
Though you seen useless but you are unknown
Unknown of your talents, unknown of your opportunities
Just keep on working and keep the hope shining
There will come moments that can shower you with blessings. 

The roads are difficult but it's reachable
You might get hurt but it's possible
Possible to make it grind and come out strong from obstacles
But you need to believe in your abilities that someday it can bring miracles
There will be your time where everything will be sorted out by angels. 

How strong is your passion that is determined by your actions
Keep following it as if it's your only civilizations
Your hard work and dedication will keep the momentum
Keep creating magic even if it's just an ordinary poem
Believe me you're the rock star but you should know how to use your medium.

So many things to do in so tiny life
You don't have time to waste so get back to work and enjoy the tides
There will be moments worth living than staying in plight
Book the tickets of your dreams and go follow by going through flights
Oh young gems, you need to know your worth before someone buys you cheap where you'll suffocate unable to resign from those exhausting nights.

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