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Published On: February 8, 2018 09:14 AM NPT By: Republica

Kathmandu to meditate this weekend

Kathmandu to meditate this weekend

An energetic section of the Kathmandu valley will get to learn the methods of connecting with moments of peace in the midst of their busy lives from a young monk from Germany, Holger Yeshe.

 The ‘Calming the Mind’ meditation workshop is all set to be organized on Saturday and Sunday at Babar Mahal, Kathmandu. Participants at the session will get to learn meditation techniques that can be performed anytime and anywhere to cultivate awareness, joy, clarity and calm.

‘Calming the Mind’ is a meditation program under the Joy of Living system of meditation developed by Mingyur Rinpoche, based on the centuries-old Buddhist wisdom from Tibet, Nepal, and India. Rinpoche is one of the most celebrated meditation masters of the Tibetan Buddhist tradition of modern times.

Coming from Nepal's Himalayas, Rinpoche tours the world giving meditation teachings round the year.

Mingyur Rinpoche is the author of bestselling books in meditation, including ‘The Joy of Living: Unlocking the Secret and Science of Happiness’.

He garnered international fame when he allowed the neuroscientists of University of Wisconsin – Madison, including the noted scientist Richard Davidson, to scan his brain and do other tests during meditation. The scientists were startled to find in one research on compassion that his results exceeded by several hundred times than the average results.

The workshop is led by Holger Yeshe, ordained monk and student of Mingyur Rinpoche.

Holger, an ardent meditation practitioner since 1999, became a monk in 2010. He has been primarily focusing on studying the Tibetan language and Buddhist philosophy. He has been a co-leader of Tergar groups in Nepal, Germany, and Dharamsala, India. Tergar represents the global meditation community following the teachings of Mingyur Rinpoche.

"During this workshop, you will learn meditation techniques that you will be able to use easily in your everyday life," said Mausham Shakya, one of the organizers of the event.

"It is especially helpful for people in stress when we don’t have time to meditate. We need to know how to meditate and de-stress ourselves moment to moment. It's what we learn in this workshop."

The workshop is being held at SAP Falcha, Babarmahal. In a brief talk with Republica, Holger Yeshe shared some information about meditation.

1.What is meditation?

There are many different ways of understanding meditation. One explanation would be that meditation is something that helps us know ourselves and our minds. The meditation methods that will be taught here are focused on making the mind peaceful, calm, open, and flexible.

2.Why should one meditate?

Usually our lives are busy and modern lifestyle can be very stressful. So, we find it difficult to deal with the challenges in our life. Meditation can help us to relate with these challenges in different ways.

3.What can participants expect from this workshop?

We will learn practical meditation techniques that we can use in formal meditation, and bring into our daily lives.

4.Is it difficult to meditate?

I personally have been meditating in different traditions. Since I received teachings from Mingyur Rinpoche, I have found that meditation can be very simple. In fact, it is easier than we think.

5.Should youth be engaged in meditation at an age when they are supposed to be studying or doing creative things?

Actually, through meditation, we get in touch with our inner qualities like openness and calm. This might in fact contribute to being more creative, and for your studies and your work to be more effective. 

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