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Journey from Tiktok to silver screen

Journey from Tiktok to silver screen

Actor Priyanka Singh is all set to debut from the upcoming Nepali film ‘Garud Puran’.” Her acting has impressed the movie’s director. Before featuring in the movie, she was famous in Tiktok. Singh stated that acting in film is not as easy as in tiktok. “I made tiktok videos by mydelf. So, it was easy to act.  But in a film acting synchronizes with various factors like props, co-actors, lights, camera and so on,” Priyanka shared her experience.

Priyanka is introvert by nature. However, her on screen character ‘Jyoti’ is frank and extrovert. Sharing her experience of portraying a totally different character, Priyanka said, “After playing Jyoti’s character, I realized why people should be open minded and I now have learnt to be frank.”

Priyanka said, “Earlier I thought it would be difficult to work with theater artist but I found it relatiovely easy to mold myself into the character and maintain the flow of act after spending 45 days in acting workshop. Actors Najir Hussain and Karma guided helped me enhance my acting skills at the workshop.”

 Priyanka is currently pursuing her graduation in management. ‘Garud Puran’ is scheduled to be released on February. 

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