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‘Jhalicha’ Untold story of a rape victim

‘Jhalicha’ Untold story of a rape victim

KATHMANDU, Nov 16: The decade-long armed struggle between the government and rebel forces resulted in a colossal loss of lives as well as property in Nepal. Over 19,000 people (including civilians, armed forces and rebels) lost their lives between 1996 and 2006. 

‘Jhalicha’ played on stage at Mandala Theatre, Anamnagar showcased the story of a girl who was raped and buried alive by the security forces for allegedly providing the rebel forces with food during the civil war. The 50-minute long play is based on Kumar Nagarkoti’s short story and is directed as well as conceptualized by Dayahang Rai. 

The play begins with Kirat Mundhum in the background score played by Anupam Sharma. As the music is supposed to call the rape victim’s (Jhalicha) spirit, she appears on stage. Suddenly, Hashbira (Bijay Baral), who plays a famous novelist, appears on stage. He is about to launch his new book ‘Jhalicha’ and starts talking about his writing journey. As he is sharing about the plot of his novel, Hashbira is unaware that Jhalicha (Ranjana Oli) is standing right there. 

Plays usually comprise dialogue between different characters rather than just narration. But, ‘Jhalicha’ does not have any interaction between the characters. It is rather in the form of storytelling. “‘Jhalicha’ is a storytelling drama, so many might not understand the overall concept. Thus, it was important for us as actors to give our best so that the audience would not get confused,” said Baral.

“It was a challenging task for me because of the confusing plot.”

The drama demands the audience to be more creative and alert during the play by using their imagination skills. The show is slated to conclude on November 20. 

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