Published On: November 29, 2017 09:13 AM NPT

It is 7:00 pm

It was quarter to 7:00, 
And I was walking home,
“It’s getting dark isn’t it?” someone said 
“Look at that pretty girl walking alone!” 

It was nearly 7:00,
And I was crossing the street,
Whispers and noises,
And all of that in repeat,

It was just 7:00,
And I was almost there,
I was scared yet I knew I could defend myself, 
I was totally prepared. 

It was 7:00,
The noises were louder than ever, 
I finally turned back, 
And realized I will go through this forever. 

It was past 7:00, 
It was just the cops in my head, 
I was not being followed, 
I was just thinking way ahead. 

It was way past 7:00,
My house was very near, 
I was safe and sound,
But was raging with fear

It was almost 7:00,
But this was another day,
The same thing happened again, 
I was paranoid the whole way.

It wasn’t 7:00,
Nor paranoia was my fault,
With all the devastating news in the world,
Fear was just by default.

-Priyata Bhatta

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