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Published On: September 18, 2017 08:56 AM NPT By: Saroj Wagle

Inner life

Inner life

People often talk about inner qualities such as transparency, integrity, honesty, dignity and leading from the heart. Are these qualities searched in business leaders? If I am not wrong in my opinion, then almost all major business leaders are living with such qualities.

But, my only point is that they are mainly concerned about how well people can perform in the external world. 

Not surprisingly, not much attention is paid to the inner personality. We rarely ask where successful people’s right moves come from or what motivates them. 

I know from my own experience working for corporations and large-scale organizations where everyone is busy in the blame game. We should question if the person is same on the inside as on the outside. We should think this about our teachers, politicians and bosses. 

If the answer is ‘No’, everything automatically becomes doubtful and artificial. But the case might be different in an unsafe situation. Believe it or not, people simply start hiding out in unsafe and dire situations. They start faking it. 

Therefore, we should try to listen to the music of our own hearts rather than faking a personality. We should look beneath the surface of things in any opportunity, whether it’s a corporation or an individual. 

For me, self discipline is vital for any person as it is about being open to different opinions and dimensions. Not just to lots of information, but to different people who see the world in qualitatively different ways, no matter who they are. 

My knowledge, my beliefs, my values, my convictions and my intuitions, they ask me to question the outer surface. Our values play an equally important role in differentiating fake from the real. 
Most importantly, when we use the word ‘values’, we have to use it with seriousness.

Value is something I standby, it’s not just something I say I believe, but also something I enact in real space and time. To sum up, the inner life also provides clarity about intersection between you and the world. Once you find about the intersection, you no longer feel confused or powerless. 


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